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E2 Weights
E2 Weights
Detail 规格参数 注意事项

Production Standard:OIML - R111,JJG99-2006

Material: Non-magnetic Stainless Steel



Magnetic Susceptibility:<0.005

Intensity of Polarization:<8

Shape: 1mg-500mg sheet, 1g-20kg cylinder

Package: Individual-Plastic Box/Aluminum Box, Set-Aluminum Box

Note of Buying Weights:

Accuracy 0.01mg balance,using E1/E2 weights

Accuracy 0.1mg balance, using E2/F1 weights

Accuracy 1mg balance,using F1 weights

Accuracy 0.01 g balance,using F2 weights

Accuracy 0.1 g balance,using M1 weights

Floor or truck scales, using M1 cast iron weights


Note of Using Weights:

1. Before using weights, please clean out the surface of the weight with professional brush and wipe.

2. Touching the weights directly by hand is strictly prohibited.

3. When using weights, wear special gloves and take the weights with special tools.(Gloves and tools,please visit "Weight Accessory")

4. Before testing balance, the weights need to be constant to reach the laboratory atmosphere,otherwise it will affect the testing results.

5.After using weights,please store them in the original box.

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