Company: Shenyang Longteng Electronic Co., Ltd.


Industry Category: Balance Manufacturer

Buying Product: Stainless Steel Weight

Time Cooperation: 6 years

Company Profile: 

Shenyang Longteng Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Sino-HK joint venture company. We specialize in producing electronic weighing balances, moisture analyzer(halogen lamp technology), sterilizing tank, weight comparator and so on, totally there are 6 series with over 100 kinds of different models. Shenyang Longteng Electronic Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technology of electromagnetic force transducer and those products apply with characteristics as digital display, quick weighing, precise and reliable, auto-verifying, accumulative plus/ accumulative deduct, tare and so on. They can be connected to printer, computer and other outer equipments while connecting with corresponding interfaces. They are normal devices used in modern metrology and measuring labs, some of these products were used in Shenzhou manned spaceship.