Company: Jilin Institute of Metrology and Research

Industry Category: Metrology Institute

Buying Product: Stainless Steel Weight

Time Cooperation: 5 years

Company Profile: 

Jilin Institute of Metrology and Research is the metrological administrative department of Jilin Province People's Government based on the "Measurement Law of the People's Republic of China" set up the statutory measurement technology institutions, Jilin Province Science and Technology Department of centralized management of the provincial level one of the scientific research units, Jilin Province Finance Department of the full amount of the independent legal institutions. Formerly known as the establishment of Jilin Province in 1956 Weights and Measures Management Office, in December 1962 changed its name to Jilin Province, metrological verification test, in November 1985 changed its name to Jilin Province Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology, in December 2000 according to the provincial editor Office [2000] 103 document approved, renamed Jilin Institute of Metrology.